Video Assist / VTR from Future Realities

On set monitoring and playback for commercials and feature films serving the East Coast

"Thanks for checking out the Future Realitites video assist webpage.

I'm a VTR operator who's been in the industry since 1996. I've built my kit over the past few decades to make a package that provides technical excellence and physical versatility.

I have extensive experience working on commercials and feature films as well as special events. In addition to standard VTR functionality my kit is designed for multi-camera shoots and can record and playback up to four cameras without additional equipment.

The package also has an effects add-on that provides stunning real time compositing and VFX functionality. This allows high quality real-time display of your comped graphics on set.

The effects add-on also allows streaming broadcasting of the program to a private server or to a consumer website like facebook live.

In addition to my work as a VTR operator I am a post-production professional and bring this dimension to my work. In the past when clients have had complex graphics jobs to pull off I worked with them to prep their assets so that they put their best foot forward on set.

If I am not personally available I have a select group of operators who I work with who are trained on the kit and are skilled professionals in their own right.

The kit is located in NYC and can also work as a local in Philadelphia area. My operators will also travel nationwide. "

Video Assist Operator- Nick Esposito 917-620-6387

Kit Features:

Compositing: Live Overlays with multiple footage manipulations, live display of effects compositions. Perfect for green screen commercials with extensive graphics.

Multi Camera: Record, monitor and playback up to 4 cameras with our standard package.

Mobility & Versatility: The package is a sleek tall cart with multiple monitors, optimized for quick set up, fast movement and a deep set of technical features. Can we do it? Yes we can!

Wireless & Battery Powered: The kit integrates wireless transmitters and monitors. It has the ability to operate exclusively on battery power.


For rates, bookings and availability call/text 917-620-6387 or e-mail

VTR / On Set Video Playback

New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Baltimore - Non-Union

Our Video Assist Package provides standard and advanced tools that give your director, crew and clients total access to live footage, shot footage and reference materials such as storyboards and pre-visualizations. Integrating multi-camera capture, live edits, lut support, wireless video and switching matrix. The VTR package adds a visually impressive element to your set that speeds communication and increases the quality of the end product.

Support the director and allow the crew and clients to review footage without delaying shooting. With video assist you are buying time The kit is built to thrive in tough on set environments and has a features that technically complex projects can appreciate.