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Welcome to Future Realities Video Assist Page,

I’m a Video Assist (VTR) Operator with over a decade of experience. I’ve built my kit for maximum functionality in a versatile package, it is a balancing act to include the right amount of components and still be mobile.

I have extensive experience in commercials, features, television and live events. I’m local to NYC and regularly travel to Philly, Baltimore and D.C. to work. If I am not personally available I have a select group of operators who I work with who are trained on the kit and are skilled professionals in their own right and will travel also.

Additionally also a motion graphics artist and a post production professional, I have a small edit suite in Gowanus brooklyn. I’m an expert user of After Effects, AVID, Premiere and associated programs. If you have a graphics heavy shoot I can work with you before the shoot to help you prep your assets for on set compositing.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I’m always happy to explain the workflow and discuss the best playback solution for your shoot.

VTR Operator – Nick Esposito 917.620.6387 nick@fr6x.com

It has extensive capabilities including capture / synced playback of up to 4 cameras, live graphics and compositing. The kit features two wireless monitors and two client monitors. The kit runs QTAKE the industry gold standard for VTR and motion capture.

My playback kit is full featured and gives me the ability to provide a wide range of services on set including: D.I.T. services, display storyboards, streaming / realtime uploads of proxy footage, still capture, off speed playback, composing, color grading and more.

The kit also serves as a mobile studio and can be used for live edits of multi-camera events with custom graphics and production elements. In this capacity I have experience broadcasting to FB Live, Ustream, Wirecast, Instagram Live, etc.



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