Hi I’m Nick. I’m a playback operator with over two decades of experience.

I have extensive experience in commercials, features, television and live events.

I am based in brooklyn and serve the northeast as a non-union video assist operator.

In addition to playback services I am an expert in streaming video which is especially helpful in these days of covid.
If your question is ‘can my clients view the footage off-set?’, the answer is yes.

In addition to Qtake, I’m an expert user of After Effects, AVID, Premiere and associated programs. I’ve worked in post production for large TV shows so I understand workflows involving 50+ post employees.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I’m always happy to explain the workflow and discuss the best playback solution for your shoot.
Future Realities Inc. : VTR : Nick Esposito 917.620.6387 nick@fr6x.com

Having Video Assist on set saves time and produces a higher quality product.

My kit includes monitors and engineering tools that provide lighting fast playback on set. Supporting the director, containing the client and allowing the crew to review footage without delaying shooting.

VTR adds an impressive element to your set that speeds communication and increases the quality of the end product.

Our Qtake powered VTR provides a picture under all conditions. We deliver a wide feature set using professional components with a design that is honed from decades of on set experience.

Our VTR deployment is designed to compliment social distancing on set.

Kit Features & Capabilities

QTake Playback: The gold standard for playback software used on all major films.

Stream to Zoom: Live streaming to Zoom (or other video chat service) allows the client to view the footage remotely.

Multi Camera: Record, monitor and playback up to 4 cameras.

Fast Playback: Get instant playback of takes with no downtime and powerful playback tools.

Off Speed Playback: Instant playback of takes at the framerate you are shooting.

Capture Stills: Capture and share stills from the video with local and remote crew.

iOS monitoring: Turn any iphone or ipad on set into a monitor by downloading the Qtake app.

Compositing: Live Overlays with multiple footage manipulations, live display of effects compositions. Perfect for green screen commercials with extensive graphics.

D.I.T. Services: We can add on services such as digital loading, live color grading, 4k master image capture.

Mobility & Versatility: The package is a sleek tall cart with multiple monitors, optimized for quick set up, fast movement and a deep set of technical features. Can we do it? Yes we can!

Wireless & Battery Powered: The kit integrates wireless transmitters and monitors. It has the ability to operate exclusively on battery power.