Hi I’m Nick. I’m a non-union playback operator with over two decades of experience.

I have extensive experience in commercials, features, television and live events.

I am based in Brooklyn and serve the northeast as a non-union video assist operator.

In addition to playback services I am an expert in streaming video which is especially helpful in these days of covid. If your question is ‘can my clients view the footage off-set?’, the answer is yes.

In addition to Qtake, I’m an expert user of After Effects, AVID, Premiere and associated programs. I’ve worked in post production for large TV shows so I understand workflows involving 50+ post employees.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I’m always happy to explain the workflow and discuss the best playback solution for your shoot.

Future Realities Inc. : VTR : Nick Esposito 917.620.6387 nick@fr6x.com