For jobs that don’t need the full kit we have a lite playback kit. As opposed to the full kit the lite kit is a small battery powered kit with one monitor and basic playback functionality that streams to the internet. 

It includes a monitor a player recorder and and a streaming station. This little package packs a lot of punch and will cover a lot of asks. It provides a stream out as well as the ability to pull stills and share them instantly with the clients and crew.

Included in the Lite Playback Kit

  • 24″ monitor with rolling stand and sunshade
  • Future Stand with battery mount
  • 4x Vlock Batteries
  • SDI Player / Recorder
  • Streaming Kit
  • Streaming Box with SDI DA, Frame Rate Converter
  • Cabling

Functionalities of the Lite Kit

  • Includes streaming to one service only
  • NO advanced playback functions
  • YES capture & share stills in real time
  • NO capture and share proxies in real time
  • YES deliver dallies at end of day
  • NO comps / image manipulations / match frames / off speed
  • One camera only (can add Quad viewer for to support more cameras)
If affordable run and gun playback is what you need: lets book it! Call/text/wassap 917-620-6387 now to check dates.
<——- You can see the full kit here

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