We are based out of Gowanus Brooklyn and serve the Northeastern U.S.

We provide non-union video assist (VTR) services, D.I.T. services and web video support as far as Ohio, Virginia and Maine. Washington D.C. from our home base in New York, New York.

Future Realities Inc. provides on set services in New York, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C., CT, DE, PA, NY etc. We have provided playback services in Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York City, Maryland and have traveled nationwide to provide playback and streaming services for film, video, television, streaming web content, live streaming as well as live events.

We have run and gun kits ready to fly and the main Qtake kit is pallet or truck ship ready so don’t not call us because you think you are out of our service area.

All FR crew is fully vaccinated and holds a US passport. We have experience with international travel for media and have itemized equipment lists prepared for customs for all of our kits.