Hi, I’m Nick. I’m the guy who people call to make things work. If you have a normal shoot, great let’s do it, but if you have some special configuration that you are trying to make work… you found the right guy. 

I’ve been working on commercials in NYC for over two decades, I’ve also worked on films and television shows.

I pride myself on being on the bleeding edge of technology and driving innovation in the industry. 

I build most of my equipment and my custom designed rigs offer industry exclusive features. I am regularly a few years ahead of the industry (I was streaming from set in 2015).

I have background in reality tv and indie films. Though these horrors are behind me I still build my equipment for the most challenging environments and rigorous conditions. 

I’m busy and this website is updated infrequently. Email me if you want my resume, I will update it and send it to you. To see the things that I am building check out @FutureRealitiesVTR on instagram.

Feel free to call me at 917-620-6387 to discuss your project.


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