Future Realities is a Brooklyn-based company.
We provide imaging and engineering services for the entertainment industry.
The majority of the work we do is on national commercials.
We are happy to discuss any project that you are working on.
We provide the following services for clients:


Video Assist adds an impressive element to your set that speeds communication and increases the quality of the end product; supporting the director, containing the client and allowing the crew to review footage without delaying shooting.

We provide Qtake powered VTR and include all equipment needed to view and review the footage on set. We are also experts in streaming.  

Qtake Playback: The gold standard for playback software used on all major films.

Stream to Zoom: Live streaming to Qtake Cloud, Zoom (or other video chat service) allows the client to view the footage remotely.

Multi Camera: Record, monitor and playback up to 4 cameras.

Fast Playback: Get instant playback of takes with no downtime and powerful playback tools.

Off Speed Playback: Instant playback of takes at the framerate you are shooting.

Capture Stills: Capture and share stills from the video with local and remote crew.

iOS monitoring: Turn any iphone or ipad on set into a monitor by downloading the Qtake app. The kit includes one iPad for the directors monitor and more are available for rental.

Compositing: Live Overlays with multiple footage manipulations, live display of effects compositions. Perfect for green screen commercials with extensive graphics.

Onion Skinning: Show previous footage over current footage. Used for match cuts, etc.

D.I.T. Services: We can add on services such as digital loading, live color grading, 4k master image capture.

Mobility & Versatility: The package is a sleek tall cart with multiple monitors, optimized for quick set up, fast movement and a deep set of technical features. Can we do it? Yes we can!

Wireless & Battery Powered: The kit integrates wireless transmitters and monitors. It has the ability to operate exclusively on battery power.

Local Network: The kit includes a massive industrial access point which blankets the set with a wifi network that powers the ipads and can be used by the crew for file sharing.

Phantom Tech

We are proficient in Phantom workflows using both networked cameras and cinemags. With extensive experience in robot assisted shooting environments.

We are proficient in Phantom related software such as PCC, PVP, phantomFuse. 

Media Management

We provide media management for big shoots. Multiple cameras, real time edits, immediate delivery. Whatever your media challenge we have the tools and experience to push the footage to the next stop.

We have extensive experience with large scale quick turnaround projects especially live events and press junkets.

Broadcast to the Internet

We provide a TV control room setup on location. Perfect for live events, esports, fashion and variety style programming. 

We provide a plug and play infrastructure for live multicamera broadcasts to the web. Including broadcasting to multiple endpoints with live edits, titles, call-ins, earwigs, teleprompters, intercoms, talkback, VOG, tally lights, counters as well as production tools to run the show and communicate during shooting.

Don't try to build it, we've got it ready to work. Use your director or one of ours.

Future Realities Inc.
Nick Esposito
DIT / VTR / Phantom Tech / Streaming Tech
917-620-6387   nick@fr6x.com


Our office is located @ Playground Brooklyn
540 President Street, 3rd Floor
Between 3 & 4 Ave
Brooklyn NY 11215

Future Realities was founded in 2019 by Nick Esposito, a veteran of reality TV and independent films. Nick was previously an owner and line-producer at the Philadelphia based production company Backseat Conceptions for almost two decades.  Future Realities is focused on providing technical services for film and television projects related to footage processing, monitoring and streaming. Nick provides most of the services for FR however we do have a growing roster of professionals who we work with and staff on jobs.

Hi, I’m Nick. I’m the guy who people call to make things work. If you have a normal shoot, great let’s do it, but if you have some special configuration that you are trying to make work… you found the right guy. I’ve been working on commercials in NYC for over two decades, I’ve also worked on films and television shows. I pride myself on being on the bleeding edge of technology and driving innovation in the industry.

I build most of my equipment to function flawlessly in difficult conditions and my custom designed rigs offer industry exclusive features. I’m busy and this website is updated infrequently. Email me if you want my resume, I will update it and send it to you. To see the things that I am building check out @FutureRealitiesVTR on instagram.

I look forward to talking to you and hearing about your project, call/text me at 917-620-6387.

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