Welcome to Future Realities we provide video engineering services for films & commercials.
We are based in Brooklyn.
We’ve worked with top brands and award-winning directors for over two decades.

Call / Text Nick @ 917-620-6387 or email nick@fr6x.com to tell us about your project and check dates.

Whether it’s processing footage for a twelve camera shoot, shooting for 100 days straight, working with Phantom cameras or grading and streaming footage from commercial shoots: I’ve done it all. I work for top brands like YSL, Starbucks and Ebay as well as on custom content for big movies like The Batman & Matrix 4. […]

Having Video Assist on set saves time and produces a higher quality result. VTR adds an impressive element to your set that speeds communication and increases the quality of the end product; supporting the director, containing the client and allowing the crew to review footage without delaying shooting. Our Qtake powered VTR kit includes everything […]

Streaming is an essential part of production. We use industry leading tools and methods to broadcast streams to any platform that exists as well as capture streams from any source.  We also rent streaming devices, capture cards, hotspots, mobile routers and mesh networks for productions. Types of services we offer for streaming:  On-Location streaming services for […]

Hi, I’m Nick. I’m the guy who people call to make things work. If you have a normal shoot, great let’s do it, but if you have some special configuration that you are trying to make work… you found the right guy.  I’ve been working on commercials in NYC for over two decades, I’ve also […]

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