Whether it’s processing footage for a twelve camera shoot, shooting for 100 days straight, working with Phantom cameras or grading and streaming footage from commercial shoots: I’ve done it all. I work for top brands like YSL, Starbucks and Ebay as well as on custom content for big movies like The Batman & Matrix 4.

My DIT kit currently includes a Flanders 24″ monitor, a separate scopes monitor, M1 Mac BookPro, RAID SSD, Blackmagic Ultra Studio & BMD Grading Surface. All on an innovative cart with APC power backup.

I’m an expert in the software and hardware aspects of the job. I’m also experienced with phantom cameras and software. I’m known for cleaning up workflows and finding efficiencies that improve the output of the team.  

On set I am the bridge between production and post. I have a background in post so I am able to sync and make sure that everything is delivered the way they want it.

In addition to dumping, duping, grading and printing my kit includes live streaming. I am an expert in streaming to zoom, tethyr, meet and other services. To stay connected, I offer hotspots and mobile routers for rental.

I also have a run and gun DIT package for smaller gigs and travel jobs. I regularly travel for TV jobs and have a kit ready to rock n roll. 

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