Streaming is an essential part of production. We use industry leading tools and methods to broadcast streams to any platform that exists as well as capture streams from any source. 

We also rent streaming devices, capture cards, hotspots, mobile routers and mesh networks for productions.

Types of services we offer for streaming: 

  • On-Location streaming services for film & video.
  • Internet uplink for live remotes / interviews (calling in live to a TV show).
  • Multi-platform , multi-source , multi-channel streaming (anything to anywhere).
  • Broadcast quality capture of streams / zoom etc.

Some of the equipment we offer for streaming:

Complete camera, sound, lighting, teleprompter & earwig package for interviews, location scouts, fittings, etc.

Verizon Hotspots: We have multiple small hotspots available for rental.

Streambox: This is a custom built small hardcase that delivers the most reliable signal possible for streaming. The box includes a frame rate converter and SDI distribution amplifier so that it can be placed anywhere in the chain. The value of the frame rate converter is that it delivers a reliable signal to the capture card so, for example, if you are using wireless transmission, when the signal is interrupted that will cause drop out and mess up the capture card but with this method the internet feed is solid regardless of wireless turbulence. 

Roaddog: This is a custom built small hardcase that provides a huge functionality on set. It is both a hotspot and a router so it can plug into the house internet but if there is a problem with the house internet it will switch to the sim cards and provide internet from mobile networks. It also has an NDI encoder in it so that, with minimal configuration, it can feed the live feed to iPads on set (we also rent on set iPads).

Ai Mesh Network: A highspeed AI mesh network with up to six stations which provides complete coverage on a location. Multi-floor, indoor/outdoor, across the street, in the moho: no problem. We cover it all with this super fast and reliable network that the whole crew can log into. 

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