Having Video Assist on set saves time and produces a higher quality result.

VTR adds an impressive element to your set that speeds communication and increases the quality of the end product; supporting the director, containing the client and allowing the crew to review footage without delaying shooting.

Our Qtake powered VTR kit includes everything needed to view and review the footage on set and off site. We deliver a wide feature set using professional components which we regularly upgrade as technology advances.

We deliver top quality video assist services for non-union projects. We are based in NYC and regularly travel all over the Northeast to provide playback on set.

Equipment included in the Qtake kit:
Single camera package:

  • Video cart 
  • 24″ Monitor for client
  • 22″ Monitor for director
  • 1xiPad for director
  • Scopes monitor
  • 2x Small Utility Monitors
  • Large playback speaker (stand mounted)
  • Cabling, rolling-stands, speakers

Kit Features and Capabilities

  • Qtake Playback: The gold standard for playback software used on all major films.
  • Stream to Zoom: Live streaming to Qtake Cloud, Zoom (or other video chat service) allows the client to view the footage remotely.
  • Multi Camera: Record, monitor and playback up to 4 cameras.
  • Fast Playback: Get instant playback of takes with no downtime and powerful playback tools.
  • Off Speed Playback: Instant playback of takes at the framerate you are shooting.
  • Capture Stills: Capture and share stills from the video with local and remote crew.
  • iOS monitoring: Turn any iphone or ipad on set into a monitor by downloading the Qtake app. The kit includes one iPad for the directors monitor and more are available for rental.
  • Compositing: Live Overlays with multiple footage manipulations, live display of effects compositions. Perfect for green screen commercials with extensive graphics.
  • D.I.T. Services: We can add on services such as digital loading, live color grading, 4k master image capture.
  • Mobility & Versatility: The package is a sleek tall cart with multiple monitors, optimized for quick set up, fast movement and a deep set of technical features. Can we do it? Yes we can!
  • Wireless & Battery Powered: The kit integrates wireless transmitters and monitors. It has the ability to operate exclusively on battery power.
  • AiMesh Network: We support the use of iPads as handheld monitors by deploying a multi node mesh wifi network on set. When we tap this network into the house internet then we extend that coverage throughout the whole set. Using ethernet runs we can further extend the network to motorhomes, different floors in a location, etc.

Additional Uses: 
These are non-conventional uses of the playback kit which we have done

  • Mastering: Can pull HQ QT from SDI / HDMI feeds w/TC.
  • Instant Replay: Instant replay for live broadcast.
  • Remotes: Capture and broadcast live remote segments or interviews.
  • Analog: Capture masters from legacy analog equipment.

Additional Equipment Available for Rental

  • Internet devices: hotspots, mobile routers, aiMesh networks
  • More ipads
  • More Monitors
  • Converters, upconverters, downconverters, cross-converters, frame rate converters
  • Handheld Monitors
  • Multi-Viewers , Quad-Viewers
  • Decimator Products
  • Rolling stands for large flat screen monitors
  • Functional legacy, antique and analog video equipment

If you need a smaller playback solution we have run and gun kits also. 

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